Nikolitsa and The Comrades at The Viper Room

VIper Room , 8852 Sunset Blvd, west hollywood

"By blending elements of punk, alternative and grunge into her music, she creates a wave of sound that is big, raw, heavy and melodic while remaining identifiably hers alone. With grit, savvy and intent, she exudes a peaceful but energetic aura with her timeless voice that is only embellished by her amusingly honest lyrics." "...5 Stars. If you are a photographer, multi-media artist, musician or songwriter you will appreciate the level of creativity at work in this album "Under The Moon". You cannot escape the feeling of raw energy mixed with deep emotions. It's crazy's crazy good! If pop rock/grunge music has a voice, then I suppose it should be branded: Nikolitsa." - Daniel Abioye, MRU Magazine

Elephant (Official Video):